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Ever amused how happy a wealthy man ever will be. Many get jealous and scratch their heads with the very sight of a wealthy man.  

We Indians are amused with the opulent life and Forbes ranking of Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries and Lakshmi Mittal, ArcelorMittal. 

We are stuck to think, why them and not me, leading those extravagant life. What made God choose them? Can I ever lead such a life?’ Following these thoughts comes the hatred to wealthy ones. We assume ourself, Money is made by deception and wrong channels. They are corrupt and so on… 

Citing Tony Robbins (a millionaire Marketer and influencer), needs are same to both wealthy and poor’. 

Citing from Bible – Matthew 13:12 

“For whoever has, it shall be given to him, and he shall have in abundance. But whoever has not, even what he has shall be taken away from him.” 

 It’s true!!! Bible is a vision for succeeding life. 

Wow!! Wow!! Don’t take me wrong. 

I would ask every Indian to read the ‘Wings of Fire’ by Our former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam. I want you to follow the traits of successful, honored people. 

For them life is about – sharing, self-discipline and peace. That’s happiness and prestige to them.(In this generation, discipline has fade away from our premises, and the Covid-19 lockdown series, brought back some of its essence into our disorderly pompous life. 

They don’t find time for complaining but to live up their life to the fulfillment and perfection of their assigned duties and chore. Their mind finds happiness in divine belief and thoughts. 

Heaven is a mirage, it’s here and nowhere else. So, make your life, thoughts and action to reciprocate happiness and Karisma (blessing). 

‘Means to possess success’ – In that direction, I want to help you!!! 

High achievers choose one niche and master in it. Say a Jalebi seller, who is popular in your town. Over the years he made Jalebi only and he makes it so perfect, that he excels over other sellers in it. His Jalebi costs more, still sells fast. 

Jalebi made
drawing circles

If you are asked to draw circles in one minute, how many circles will you make in first attempt, second attempt and tenth attempt. Obviously, the number of circles drawn per minute during tenth attempt will be far more than the previous nine attempts you made. 

The success story of Manish Singh [1] the youngest millionaire entrepreneur [2], at the age of twenty. He is from India in digital marketing. He is accoladed by news media and he ranks in Forbes. 

Digital Marketer

Mastering a niche is an art. Many gets distracted from attaining perfection. Very few make up to that and become high achiever. So, to possess  success and wealthbe responsible enough to avoid distraction 


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Vishal Sam Varghese

Vishal sam Varghese is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Outshine®. he did his Digital Marketing certification from Google and Diploma from Shaw Academy. His strengths are content writing, entrepreneurship, SEO, SMM, etc. The publication done by him on Amazon Publications is ‘What it takes to learn from the PRO’.

My experience includes as Relationship officer at Pioneer Motors, Trivandrum to Mentor at RSCP – Innovation Hub, Calicut

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