Why Digital Marketing is important for manufacturing Houses and Construction companies?

  • Importance of Digital Marketing

  • Hire Internet Marketing service from a Freelancer OR an Agency

  • Differences between Digital, Social And Affiliate marketing

  • Approximate spending upon Lead Generation

Importance of Digital Marketing

Marketing is important in Business!!

You need DEMAND (buyer) for your products and services. You need to reach out to the demanding market to happen a SALE. Offline/Online marketing is a must.

Online marketing can be effectively used towards Brand Building, Product/offer promotions, Lead Generation for Telemarketing/Email Retargeting, Hiring best-fit employees from a big lot of applicants, etc…

These are cost-effective and highly targeted to the right audience. The ROI is great for digital marketing. You can try A/B test marketing and optimize your ROI, i.e., running simultaneously two or three ads with a different presentation, but promoting the same product. The audience response can be monitored instantaneously online and the best out of these three ads can be chosen to run future ad campaigns. This in turn optimizes your ROI, i.e., more gain.

Digital marketing helps the audience to have a virtual experience of the product/service and thereby induce a severe BUY signal in them.

A virtual experience of a product/service can be:-

1)Website/Poster with the pros and cons, spec details, etc.Online


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2) 2-D animation picture (the best example that pops up in my mind is Amul Dairy Ads). The enthusiasm, attention it grabbed is phenomenal.

3) Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experience. An example, that pops up is Lenskart’s e-commerce experience.

Hire Internet Marketing service from a Freelancer Or an Agency

 Digital Marketing finds useful or productive, with the number of sales it realizes.

 Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency upon proper documentation of the goals and quality of service laid down is the best option.

 A single person can’t bring the impact a group of experts can produce, in SALES. Expertise in caption writing, Graphic designing, website technology, content writing, online promotion, offline events – can be fool-proofed with an agency.

Differences between Digital, Social And Affiliate marketing

 At the bare minimum, you just need a website for Digital marketing.

 In Social Marketing, you need social media ad accounts ads, linked to a Target Website for conversion, i.e., you need to spend upon social platform + website maintenance.

 In Affiliate Marketing, you need to drive traffic from social media to a Target website containing the affiliate link. People click this affiliate link, make a purchase, and you will earn your commission.

 The most effective among the discussed three methods depend upon your creativity and niche.

Approximate spending upon Lead Generation

 Lead generation is recommended for manufacturing and construction houses. It consists of social media Ads, Google Ads, Website sale conversion, Telemarketing, Email retargeting. A good Digital Marketing company will charge, an approximate minimum of ₹17,000 per month.


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