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Hello Globe,
Today by now (18:11 IST), I had only two fresh enquiries.
One I accepted and replied with an estimate, and the other, I had no clue of how to realize. (Give me your expertise in the comment).

The second one was from one of the early electrical engineers in Trivandrum. He along with his friend in Germany set up a business. The one in Germany exported Oxygen Concentrators to Kerala. The electrical engineer will sell it in Kerala. He wanted me to provide my service against commission per sell.

I pulled up an inside company meeting. I discussed with them this proposal. But we are unable to figure out, how to be acknowledged about each sell that happens. If we channelise enquiries through us, how to bear the after-sales service/complaint that arises (assume the electrical engineer stopped answering to us, we have no expertise in hardware and repair).

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So, concluding the meeting, I responded to the electrical engineer – ‘sir, what you need is a salesperson, who is a closer, in your team and not an online marketing company partnership’.


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Vishal Sam Varghese

Vishal sam Varghese is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Outshine®. he did his Digital Marketing certification from Google and Diploma from Shaw Academy. His strengths are content writing, entrepreneurship, SEO, SMM, etc. The publication done by him on Amazon Publications is ‘What it takes to learn from the PRO’.

My experience includes as Relationship officer at Pioneer Motors, Trivandrum to Mentor at RSCP – Innovation Hub, Calicut

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