Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

Social Media Marketing Trend_2023

Social media marketing is thriving as more business houses are looking to reach clients on various social media platforms. Here is some trend in social media marketing.

2022 was a profound year for both technology and social media marketing. At the one hand, new technologies such as IoT, Data Analysis, and AI developed to improve their corporate role. While the social media network on the other hand has expanded to more easily affect our lives. Since we are in 2023, it is fair to suppose that the latter will become greater than ever before.

All major social media outlets have several landmarks in their path in culture, from a pastime to necessity. Today the business world needs to use social media marketing tactics to harness the advantages of the mighty social media network. And so it will be interesting to list the top social media marketing patterns to be identified in 2023 and beyond.

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 1. Rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality screams unbelievably that ‘Tomorrow is here’ should announce iPhone 8 and X during the very first event held at Steve Jobs Thereafter. It says both devices have been integrated with the new chip which will allow the phones to provide remarkable augmented reality experience for users.

And it’s no new that Lenskart has already started supporting filters that allow users to take a selfie through Augmented Reality with their Bitmoji character. Soon a person with their desired celebrity will be able to take a selfie. This specifically illustrates that marketers will soon be able to project their goods through special filters of virtual reality onto the timeline of social media users.

2. The increasing popularity of Instagram Stories

For the quickest growing social media site, it’s not mysterious. Everyone knows Instagram and Facebook, particularly if one’s in the 18 to 35 age group. Sure, it’s pretty popular for young people and Instagram has more than 1.386 billion users in less than 13 years. In a fast-speed evolving world, photos will never fail to drive social media interaction.

And, after launching Snapchat-like Instagram posts, it has gained a lot of attention from nearly all influencers and advertisers to make it another source of revenue. 2022 prediction says Instagram will surpass many other social media platforms in terms of success, and user interaction under 35.

  • Instagram has built stories into a global phenomenon for people irrespective of their age and culture. Stories have also appeared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and also LinkedIn. This clearly shows that, in the coming years, the increase in stories will gain intensity. According to a survey, more than 500 million users share stories daily on Instagram. The number will rise further in 2023.
  • As more millennials have begun consuming stories on different sites, advertisers are finding ways to send Stories Advertisements. Stories have certain features which make them immensely famous among the masses. Some of these things include:
  • Easy creation
  • Engagement and entertainment
  • Authentic and relevant
  • Fresh and instant

Stories will most easily bind people to the core theme of the brands.

3. Continued Investment in Influencer Marketing

Speaking of above influencer marketing reveals a lot of visibility and a trustworthy form of marketing. There were several issues emerging in this marketing field in the initial stage of influencer marketing. Nevertheless, it showed up in 2017, and several giant companies like Hubspot, Rolex claimed it was good.

According to many major organisations and businesses that have invested in marketing campaigns for social media-Influencer communicate with new viewers and visitors. This has also proven to be one of the most effective to boost communication for both returning tourists and new ones.

Next year, more brands will likely accept influencer marketing as a genius tool and conduit for communicating with consumers who prefer to ignore conventional strategies.

We may presume that big business would seek support from powerful people to improve their online campaigns. But then, because of higher levels of common influencers, it is also likely that MSME and startups will opt for micro-influencers.

Unless the corporations have budget limitations for targeting social media, they would choose micro-influencers and find the best one for their audience.

It is therefore important to bear in mind that entrepreneurs need to find the micro-influencer who is an expert in their business-related domain. For example, a restaurant app owner may take a famous chef’s support to promote the app on a social media site.

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4. Expansion of Live Streaming

The thing that was once a pure lie or joke has now become a Social Media norm. The live stream is growing up and a brand ‘s dedication and quality is rising. Some of the medium-sized brands have also experienced a million impressions by streaming Facebook’s powerful content live.

Live and unfiltered footage change social media game absolutely.

A fastest rising social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have also launched their own streaming services for live video. And, as they get an impressive response, they are all already up to give it a lot of new stuff. Facebook Live gets so popular that many digital media outlets use Facebook live to create stories.

5. Facebook Spaces goes mainstream

Facebook isn’t just a social networking company with super social forces such as live streaming, Instagram assembled and the world’s largest audience, it’s even working on a project called Facebook Spaces. It’s a built one that enables Facebook friends to interact in a VR environment. It also owns Oculus, a hardware and software corporation in the VR, and it is no wonder that Facebook is building a product out of the box.

Facebook is more likely to begin its project on Facebook Space in 2018. If it happens, that’s going to be the first VR social media device on the scale that’s going to be the major Social Media game-changers of 2022.

6. Personalization will be the norm

Customisation or tailored customer experience may create and sustain a customer relationship. Personalized ads, you can maximize consumer comfort. When consumers are pleased with the customized message from their favourite store, they may choose to purchase a recommended product.

The tailored content will also provide clients with valuable and relevant knowledge. Now, thanks to new technologies such as AI and ML, it is simple for entrepreneurs to collect useful data relating to consumer actions.

Based on these data, businesses may give customers more personalized and engaging content. Even posts and comments on social media may be used to contact clients in a personalized manner.

We can see the rise of personalisation in the coming years. Why can we forget to mention Facebook and Google? After learning all our likes and dislikes they are master of providing personalized content.

7. Micro-influencers will on the rise

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube these days have hundreds of thousands of influencers and millions of followers. A lot of people around the world see every message, tweet, or comment from them. But, with increasing success, these influencers tend to heighten their service price. There, the idea of micro-influencer marketing will give entrepreneurs a helping hand.

While the micro-influencers have fewer followers than the main influencers of social media, they can definitely attract many people’s attention. It’s because the micro-influencers are experts in their respective domains and among genuine followers their views matter.

What’s more, the micro-influencers are trustworthy and have a strong capacity for brand promotion. We’ll see the increase in this trend in the year 2022.

 8. Video content will gain ground

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a million words worth the frame! Videos are all set to rise as the most common resource in 2023, too. Experts agree that we will soon turn about 80 per cent of what we consume online into video content.

Experts agree that we will soon turn about 80 per cent of what we consume online into video content. We got into the era of live videos now. That kind of video is already popular on YouTube. Google and Instagram will follow suit shortly, too. Instagram introduced Instagram Stories and this feature has become very popular with users of Instagram.

Live videos are more realistic and engaging, which can improve any business’s trustworthiness. Once consumers watch a product or brand’s live video, they find it very helpful and can make the decision on the purchase immediately.

Nevertheless, when making these videos the companies should take note of the relevance and interactivity of the content. As the market intensifies, no company can ignore the video content phenomenon.

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9. Generation Z is here

Forbes described Generation Z as people who were born between the mid and late 1990s. This tech-savvy generation comprises about 25 per cent of the U.S. population and companies will begin targeting them when they start jobs in the near future. Several advertisers have already started to discuss them. For starters, ready-made fabric manufacturers bring specific high-end clothing styles to attract Generation Z.

It also organizes pop-up shops and numerous promotional activities to entice this generation. In years to come, the pattern will prevail. Marketers will be pushing social media pop-up shops and events and Generation Z will find them engaging enough for online networking and participation.

10. User-generated content will be in focus

Last but certainly not least. Over the coming years, the consumer will remain at the forefront of a social media marketing campaign. Today, when we tell the user-generated content, it is either built by loyal clients or business fans.

These content can be created in the form of images, photographs or even memes, and companies can use these content openly to advertise their products.

User-generated content is one of the most important ways to involve consumers in your company and with the aid of such content, it is possible to have a better customer experience.

The successful YouTubers will play a major role in the propagation of word-of-mouth marketing in the online world in the coming years. Thanks to the user-generated audiovisual content, users can see how various items can be used in real-life scenarios.

The user-generated content can help businesses personalize their goods away.

11. Employee Advocacy will Become a Competitive Edge

Employee advocacy platforms boost staff’s social media confidence, providing an easy, time-saving and risk-free way to share company content on social media. Putting your staff at the centre of your online initiatives makes them feel valued and strengthens the relationship with the company. It helps companies innovate their digital strategy easily and cost-effectively.

In-fact brand awareness messages are re-shared 24x more frequently when distributed by staff vs brand’s official channels.

Simply you can ask your employees to share your posts on their social media profiles. If required, email them the content that you want them to share. To make it easier, add social sharing buttons at the bottom of each of the post. This enables you to have a wider reach on social media due to more shares.

12. Private Social Messaging will Grow Rapidly

Private messaging over social media sites is more like a huge trend that is growing day-by-day dramatically over the next year. Facebook Messenger is a great example that already has more than a billion active monthly users.

This is also getting a place into the social media tactics as it enables deeper and two-way conversations online between the individuals or organizations to individuals. Apart, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots will provide brands to offer modified and better shopping experiences on messaging platforms such as Messenger including Whatsapp and Kik.

Apart from these major trends, the following approaches will also grab social media marketers’ attention in the year 2022:

  • Social media listening that addresses the goals of better customer service and online reputation management.
  • Messenger apps and AI-based chatbots will play a significant role in establishing real-time communication between customers and marketers.
  • Social media can play a bigger role in the sales funnel while spreading awareness and engagement about the products.

There is no exaggeration in stating that the year 2022 and subsequent years will revolve around the customers who are active on various social media platforms. All these trends will help entrepreneurs address social media users and connect people with their business model by providing a personalized experience.

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