Startups success Mantra

startups success mantra

Success mantra

Hi everyone,
Ever wondered, what makes the 1% of startups succeed in their endeavour[1]!! what is the mantra?

I will say, keen observation and diverse experience.

Some are fortunate enough to share life experience in their family from elders of various fields, which makes them adaptable and successful decision-makers.

The interpersonal relations and interactions – consideration, sharing happiness and high spirit, motivating and challenging behaviour, handling an adverse situation with the presence of mind to turn it in your favour. These all need well-groomed character development. This is the basis of Power Sales Closure, in less than 10 minutes.

Content Marketing, short videos, posters, etc describing your business verticals should reach a large audience. In business terms, broadening of ‘Sales-Funnel’. Social media platforms are playing a crucial role in widening sales funnel. A well defined, attractive Landing page website will support SMM(Social Media Marketing).

Feedback from existing customers should be taken into consideration in product design alterations, to make future sales a ‘piece of cake’.

Adding diversity to your company doctrines should be practised over the period by recruiting at regular intervals. This enriches your business withstanding strength to high tide.

Shortcut: Your family and friends should be your high esteem value customers. They will generate more than sufficient Leads for you.

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