Startups success Mantra

startups success mantra

Success mantra

Hi everyone,
Ever wondered, what makes the 1% of startups succeed in their endeavour[1]!! what is the mantra?

I will say, keen observation and diverse experience.

Some are fortunate enough to share life experience in their family from elders of various fields, which makes them adaptable and successful decision-makers.

The interpersonal relations and interactions – consideration, sharing happiness and high spirit, motivating and challenging behaviour, handling an adverse situation with the presence of mind to turn it in your favour. These all need well-groomed character development. This is the basis of Power Sales Closure, in less than 10 minutes.

Content Marketing, short videos, posters, etc describing your business verticals should reach a large audience. In business terms, broadening of ‘Sales-Funnel’. Social media platforms are playing a crucial role in widening sales funnel. A well defined, attractive Landing page website will support SMM(Social Media Marketing).

Feedback from existing customers should be taken into consideration in product design alterations, to make future sales a ‘piece of cake’.

Adding diversity to your company doctrines should be practised over the period by recruiting at regular intervals. This enriches your business withstanding strength to high tide.

Shortcut: Your family and friends should be your high esteem value customers. They will generate more than sufficient Leads for you.

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Vishal Sam Varghese

Vishal sam Varghese is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Outshine®. he did his Digital Marketing certification from Google and Diploma from Shaw Academy. His strengths are content writing, entrepreneurship, SEO, SMM, etc. The publication done by him on Amazon Publications is ‘What it takes to learn from the PRO’.

My experience includes as Relationship officer at Pioneer Motors, Trivandrum to Mentor at RSCP – Innovation Hub, Calicut

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