where I can get business strategies to grow my business?

The answer is known to all those who are successful,

  • Think about what you want? Now you want to grow your business. Right?

This will trigger a neurochemical reaction in your brain and with time, this thought will develop a neural pathway network.

  • Observe around you – society, internet, tv, radio. Understand what your competitors are doing. Learn from them.
  • Decide, today I will accomplish this strategy. This week I will achieve these milestones.
  • Most importantly – Do what you decided to do and measure its impact on your business –  daily, weekly, monthly, annually.

You can read more on my Blog.

I strongly recommend you to watch this YouTube channel of Sandeep Maheshwari. He is a Powerful influencer in India.

Strategy for business growth

Looking into my company growth, I employed several marketing strategies. Both paid and organic channels I resorted.

Some are Paid Google Ads, paid Facebook and Instagram Ads paid membership in marketing portals and sites. Pay-per-Click ads, etc…

On the organic growth strategy side, I started Blogging, Vlogging, Meetups, collaborations, Design Mash-ups, etc…

It takes a minimum of six months for a business to break even and generate growth if they deploy Digital Marketing and product/service quality improvements consistently.


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